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Links to the Really Useful Stuff out there

Music Promotion and/or The Biz

Mi2N - Music Industry News Network
Music Business Solutions

Reason - why YOU need a Propellor on YOUR Head

Reasonfreaks talk about the best music software available.

Valves and the Thermionic World

Tales from the Tone Lounge
Plexi Palace, Home of the Most High Tone
Electrical Engineering Calculators
Hoffman Amplifiers, Tube amplifier parts, tube amps, Valves
Impedance Calculation Tools (that's loudspeakers and pick-ups)
Marshall Amps Info & Schematics - ooooh YES
Prowess Amplifiers - Tube Amplifier Resources and Schematics
Tales From The Tone Lounge - Mods and Odds.
The PW Electronics Site
Valve Museum - everything you ever wanted to know.

Guitars, Bands, Stuff.....

Amps at Andy's Guitars - top people
Antique Vintage Guitars collector information - indespensible
Audio calculations online in English - Work it Out
Boomerang Sounds For Pro-Audio gear at good prices.
Brian Eno - THE inspiration.
Can you afford to ignore Canford Products
Digital Village - if it is music related, they sell it.
The Drum Shop - The UK's finest online percussion store.
DRUMMERWORLD - famous drummers of Rock and Jazz - Pictures - Videos - Sounds - Bios - Discussion.
Empirical Labs - love these dudes.
Guitar Amp Tone and Effects Placement. The Bible.
Guitar History, Dating and Specifications by Manufacturer.
Is the kit any good - check it on Harmony Central. - The Archive of Misheard Lyrics.
MARSHALL Amplification Equipment - Elderly Instruments
HotRoxUK - Matched valves, FX and accessories.
What's that old kit worth - check it at PrePal
Steamhammer Web Site - for Kieran, a good mate, sadly dead.
Terry Riley - another inspirational dude.
Gary Moore - another mate gone too soon.