All the Stuff I couldn't find a place for

We are stardust, yet so much less, a mist, a miasma in the void of space, our world, our sun - all more nothing than thing.

Our Solar System is 99.8% sun (by mass) - the Sun weighs 1.989xe30 kg and has a diameter of 1.39e9m. Earth is the densest planet - but its mass of 5.97e24 and diameter of 12,756km is miniscule by comparison. At the extremes of our Solar System Pluto wibbles around a 248 year orbit some 5.9e12m out from the Sun.

20 Million hydrogen atoms lined up would stretch about 1mm. Their electrons that orbit their atomic nucleus do so some 50,000 times as far away as the size of the nucleus itself, so in the sphere of an atom, the actual "stuff" is like a pea in a football stadium.

The density of material made of nucleus alone, just quarks, gluons and neutrinos and the gaps between them, is about 1e18kg/cu.m - with the orbiting electrons are estimated at some 1e21kg/cu.m.

So - if we took the whole Solar System and assumed some stray dust and stuff bumped it up to a nice round 2e30 kg, what would happen if we squished the void out of it - 2e30 kg of matter at a density of 1e18kg/cu.m is a volume of 2e12 cu.m - a sphere of about 15km diameter. Our solar system and everythin in it could be squished up by a factor of nearly 4million to 1 and fitted into a ball the size of one of the larger comets - or about Fulham to Stepney, or a quarter the distance from Glasgow to Edinburgh.

The Earth, meanwhile, could be squished to 225metres diameter - smaller than a small football stadium. That's right, all of us and all our stuff, and the entire earth and everything in and on it all squeezed into a large building.

1,000 200kg people (biggish.....) would fit inside a 7mm ball, like a pea, or a good sized pearl. Each of us is a solid way smaller than the dust seen drifting in a shaft of sunlight. The apparent bulk of us is space between, gap between the nucleii and electrons which jiggle round them. A conservative estimate at our volume, say 0.15cu.m, suggests that we are less than 1% of 1% of 1% solid, the remaining 99.999999% of us is vacant space.

We each are a vibrating nothingness..... on a vibrating nothingness orbiting vibrating nothingnesses in a vast bibrating nothingness. Yet we are rarely humble.....