Grumpy Old Fart whingeing about the World stuff.

Here be rants - please don't be upset or angry, there may be different viewpoints to your own.

[Q] Why are Health Care, Policing, Pensions etc all struggling to function adequately, yet Cars stockpile and there are no Arms shortages, Cosmetics droughts or Fast-Food famines.....[A]
[Q] Is it true that some people have more wealth than others, some of us are dining on the fat of the land whilst others starve.....[A]
[Q] Now that slavery is a thing of the past, should we consider some form of reparation.....[A]
[Q] Who cares if you are fat.....[A]
[Q] This Global Warming mallarky - is it for real.....[A]
[Q] What IS this stuff, what IS it, where did you FIND it.....[A]
[Q] Do 150 people really die from falling coconuts every year.....[A]
[Q] What are Prince Charles' medal actually for.....[A]
[Q] Why am I so cynical / disillusioned.....[A]
If there is more, it is going here.....