Inside every thin person is a fat person trying to get out.....

During the 1990s, the number of clinically obese people in Britain doubled.

By 2001, 16% of men and 18% of women in Britain were clinically obese.

Furthermore, 61% of men and 52% of women were overweight.

And it is getting worse - not better.

Staying below the size where you are called fat is hard - the purveyors of fast food (which is invariably stuffed full of fats and sugars) are deliberately targeting lower-income areas and working-class areas where their research has shown them that being fat is more socially acceptable and healthy cooking and eating takes second-place to convenience and cost.

If you don't know, search for "Body Mass Index" and see how you stack up.

Sales of crisps, nuts and "snack" food rose by 25% in the last 5 years of the '90s.

The average British child of 10 years old eats his own weight in fried potato every month.

Since many 10 year olds spend large ammounts of time in front of the TV, and since you are what you eat, the expression "couch potato" takes on a whole different perspective.

Estimates put the cost of obesity to the NHS at approximately £500million annually.

Estimates put the cost of obesity to private families at approximately one parent in six.

Yeah - think about that before you go to the trough.....