So what ARE all those medals then.....

Charles Windsor, The Prince of Wales, often wears a military looking uniform with military looking medals scattered all over the front - which begs the question "medals for what.....", especially when he wears them at military events for dead soldiers, wounded soldiers and currently serving soldiers.

Well..... there's a row of medals on his left.

1) Queen's Service Order (New Zealand) awarded 1983
Recognizes valuable voluntary service to the community and meritorious and faithful public services, both in a civilian capacity.

2) Coronation Medal awarded 1953
Commemorates The Queen's Coronation.

3) Silver Jubilee Medal awarded 1977
Commemorates The Queen's 25 years on the Throne.

4) Golden Jubilee Medal awarded 2002
Commemorates The Queen's 50 years on the Throne.

5) Canadian Forces Decoration awarded 2002
Recognizes the Prince's special relationships with Canadian regiments.

6) New Zealand Commemorative Medal awarded 1990
Recognizes the Prince's special relationship with New Zealand.

Then there are the big star-shaped medals scattered over the firmament of his chest.....

7) The Most Noble Order of the Garter awarded 1968
Worn on the left below the row of medals, it is the senior British Order of Chivalry. The Prince of Wales automatically becomes a Knight of the Garter when he becomes Prince of Wales (1958 in this case, with a ten year delay).
Otherwise, Knights of the Garter are chosen personally by the Sovereign to honour those who have held public office, who have contributed in a particular way to national life or who have served the Sovereign personally.

8) The Most Noble Order of the Bath awarded 1975
The Most Honourable Order of the Bath is mainly awarded to officers of the Armed Services, as well as to a small number of civil servants. The Prince of Wales was made Great Master of the Order on 28th May 1975, second only to The Queen.

9) The Order of Merit awarded 2002
A special honour awarded to individuals of great achievement in the fields of the arts, learning, literature and science, it is relatively new, and is one of the most coveted of British distinctions. The Order is restricted to 24 members (as well as additional foreign recipients).
As with the Royal Victorian Order, the Order of Merit is in the sole gift of the Sovereign but carries no rank apart from the initials OM after the name. The Prince of Wales was awarded the Order of Merit on 26th June, 2002.

So in summary, 9 medals in total:
None, not a one, for military bravery or honour, or even action,
3 to commemorate Mummy's coronation,
4 gifts from Mummy for being a good egg and doing his job and
2 to remind us of his honorary positions in commonwealth military organisations.

Remember that, you brave soldiers and courageous fighters for Queen and Country, next time he honours you with his presence at a military service.